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Insightful Quotes
"Women in marginalized communities are the actors who need to be heard, and should participate in all levels of society and decision making."
Insightful Quotes
"It is important not to let your allies, who may mean well, take you away from your goal. Women liberation is just as important as national liberation and needs to take place at the same time!"
Virtual Session 20

Increased Political Participation of Multiple Discriminated Women in Sudan

Marginalized Sudanese women advocating for the involvement of multiple discriminated groups in the current transformation processes. Their demands:
  • marginalized women must be empowered and participate in all sectors of the society.
  • All parts of the society (i.e. ethnic groups) have equitable access and representation in decision-making structures.

Main Questions
  • How do different people across Sudan see Bana and how do you build trust?

  • Society, family and friends do not make it easy for women to advocate for women / human rights. How has this been and has there been any change?

  • Importance of (political) alliances and should allies support you publicly or behind closed doors?

Key Theses, Thoughts and Ideas

Bana Members come from different parts of Sudan and have different ethnic backgrounds. This already allows them to get to know each other with their different backgrounds. Working publicly with multiple ethnic teams is important for changing preconceptions and at the same time it helps having members from the different regions facilitate entry into the communities in the regions.

Being a female activist is difficult but slowly it is becoming more acceptable. Allies are important in order to change policies as well as societal attitudes. We all need allies at all levels with different actors: political, CSO, etc. We can learn from each other for creative ways to find good allies (e.g. Wife of a chief can influence the chief. Advocating to the police at a demonstration).

Since the revolution, things have improved but precaution is still necessary as Sudan is still in a transitional period and the military is still powerful and unpredictable. Thus careful public and behind closed doors support is important.


Safa Ibrahim Abdelrahim Osman
Bana Group for Peace and Development
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Samia Ali Hamza Ali
Bana Group for Peace and Development
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Nicola Busse
KURVE Wustrow, Germany
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