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Insightful Quotes
"Work with both local and young organizations and prioritize inclusion into policy, rather than policies about a demographic."
Insightful Quotes
"Governments tend to spend little on climate in comparison to other domains. Consider that SIPRI military expenditure increased over 2020, despite the pandemic. This says something about overall priorities."
Virtual Session 21

Environment of Peace – Towards Just and Peaceful Transitions

The purpose of this debate was to bring together experts to discuss unprecedented environmental security and transition challenges. In dialogue with participants, it explored emerging trends, fresh approaches and ideas within the nexus of environment and peace – to contribute to more sustainable societies.

Main Questions
  • How is climate and environmental change affecting peace and security?

  • Can we transition to green economies while keeping peace, justice and security at heart?

  • What should be done in policy; donorship; and can we create new partnerships?

Main Theses, Thoughts and Ideas
  • Very important to weigh urgency of climate mitigation and quality of implementation, in order to avoid human security risks as a result.

  • Build the foundation for long-term peace with international climate finance – and cooperation with institutions like the AU, UN and regional economic communities.

  • Work with organisations that have legitimacy with communities, esp. indigenous.

  • Make sure climate adaptation plans take into concerns of intersectionality; think about unintended consequences.

  • Consider historical power differentials and dispossession of indigenous lands for ‘greening’ policies.

  • Appetite for minerals is growing in the transition, but minerals are not conflict free. We need mechanisms to the process and holding businesses accountable in e.g EU over actions in third countries.

  • Lastly, we cannot frame everything as climate change – if we do, we’d be looking for the wrong solutions.


Chibeze Ezekiel
National Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Champion for Ghana, Strategic Youth Network for Development, Ghana
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Dr Moiz Bohra
University of Geneva, Switzerland
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Henrik Maihack
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)
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Signe Kossmann
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Sweden
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Claire McAllister
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Sweden
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The FriEnt Peacebuilding Forum is a series of events on current and overarching challenges and trends in peacebuilding. With the Peacebuilding Forum, we want to provide future-oriented impulses for the development of peacebuilding and strengthen the visibility and importance of the policy field in its entirety.


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